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For well-designed websites in Northern Ireland that have been carefully designed to represent your business and your brand, and that are created with the end result clearly in mind and that must be attracting more leads and enquiries and helping to make sales and win new business then you are in the right place.

At the Web Design Agency Belfast, we understand that looking good and converting website visitors into leads and then sales are not mutually exclusive priorities.

In order to create a website that delivers there are at least 4 key components –


the website presents well and does justice to your brand.


that the purpose of the website is clear, and that is designed with the end in mind, and that is assisting in creating more sales and revenue for the business.


that the website can be easily found when someone searches on Google for the products and services that you sell in your local area, and when someone searches for your brand name. A well-designed website that cannot be found on Google or that does not hold the pole position on searches for the products and services that the business sells holds little value, in our humble opinion.


responsive web design is very important so that your site looks good and is adequately sized regardless of whether your customers view it on their mobile phone, a kindle tablet, laptop or a desktop computer.

Website Design in Belfast

Everything You Need To Know About Web Design IN BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND

Web design in Belfast, Northern Ireland is a large field and there is a lot of information that you need to know. There are small details such as image compression to consider alongside the large details such as the overall layout of the website. If you are looking for a new website, there are certain things that you need to know before you start working with a digital agency, graphic designer or web design company.

The Purpose Of The Website

Before looking any further at web design, you need to consider the purpose of the website. This will help you determine the layout you need, the responsiveness, the content and much more. Generally, determining the purpose of the website will be easy.

The web design services that you need for a law firm will be very different from the design you need for eCommerce web design. How your audience reacts will also differ between these two websites and you need to consider this. When determining the purpose of the website, you need to research your ideal target market to see what they want from websites of your kind. Social media may need to be considered too when designing your new site.

Focus On Mobile

For many years, having a responsive website was optional. This is no longer the case and the search engines are turning to a mobile-first algorithm. This means that websites that are designed for mobile devices such as phones and tablets first will get priority compared to those that are designed for desktops first.

The shift to mobile-first will affect the search engine rankings, particularly for searches on mobile devices. If your target audience uses these devices more often than desktops, you need to take this into account with our web design. Focusing on how your website looking on these smaller devices will ensure that you rank well and achieve your goals.

Clean And Simple

A lot of people assume that good web design is focused on the visual appeal of the website, but there is more to this. While the website does have to be visually appealing, it will also need to be user-friendly. Thinking outside the box can show your creativity, but it will not be helpful if no-one can navigate the website.

Clean and simple web design is recommended because your users will always be able to get to the information they need. When you have too many features and elements on a single page, you run the risk of overwhelming your visitors. This will also distract them from the purpose of the website which will hurt your overall goals.

When you design the website, you need to ask if it really needs any feature before you add it. You should also consider what the element does and whether it helps the visitor. If the element is already on your website, would visitors miss it if you took it off? If the answer is no, you should remove it.

Navigation Is Vital

When it comes to your design, you need to focus on navigation. This is one of the most important aspects of your website and you should never overlook it. When you have poor navigation, you will have a higher bounce rate, lower conversions and lower search engine rankings.

The placement of the navigation bar on the website is important and should match the way your audience interacts with a website. If they are used to a top navigation bar, this is where you should place yours. If they are used to websites with side navigation bars, this may be a better option than the top bar.

While the placement is important, you also need to look at the ease of use. It is recommended that you keep the number of clicks to a minimum when designing the navigation. The fewer clicks visitors need to get the information they want, the easier it will be to achieve your goals.

There are many web designers who recommend the uses of breadcrumbs in navigation. This makes it easier for visitors to move backwards through your navigation and know exactly where they are on the website. If you are going to use breadcrumbs, you need to have them on every page of your website.

Use Fonts Wisely

Using different fonts can make you stand out, but you need to be careful. The fonts have to be easy to read or people will leave your website. There are also some fonts that cannot be rendered on all browsers and you need to consider this.

The number of fonts you use will also need to be considered. Ideally, you should use a maximum of 3 different fonts on a website. The fonts should also be consistent throughout the website to ensure continuity and reduce any user confusion.

Use Colours Wisely

The colours that you use on your website also need to be chosen correctly. If you are creating a business website for a company that already has a logo, you should use the logo colours in your web design. This will reinforce brand recognition and allow uniformity through all marketing media.

If you are not going to have a white or off-white background, you need to be careful. The contrast between the fonts and background colours need to be correctly balanced. You do not want to strain the eyes of your visitors or make it impossible for them to read your content.

You should also use colours that are accessible to all users including those with colour blindness. Colour-blind users will have trouble distinguishing certain colours when they are combined. Fortunately, there are testing tools that you can use to ensure that this is not a problem.

Look At Load Speeds

Once you have the basics of your layout and design, you need to think about load speeds. It is important to remember that people are impatient and will not wait for your website to load. Fast load speeds will improve your traffic and conversions.

There are a lot of elements on your website that affect the load speed. The size of images is the main culprit, but unnecessary code can also cause this.

There is a lot of information you need to know about web design. Understanding the coding of your website is important, but you also need to know what elements affect its efficiency. Choosing the right colours, fonts and navigation are all important and need to be taken together.

Affordable Web Design

And lastly, of course, when engaging in web design development with any design company it is important to design with your budget in mind.

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