Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Guide for Belfast Businesses

Approximately 80% of consumers will choose local businesses based on a web search. This is one of the reasons why digital marketing is so important and something that you need to do right. If you are unsure about what you should be doing, there are some tips that you can use to help.

Website Tips

Your website is the basis of your digital marketing and you need to ensure that it is up to date. If you have not touched your website in the last year or more, you need to update the theme and check that everything still works. What people expect from websites changes and you do not want your website to be dated.

You also need to ensure that your website is mobile friendly. Most modern themes will be responsive, but you still need to check this. The search engines have officially changed to a mobile-first algorithm which means that websites that are mobile-friendly are ranked better.

When looking at your website, you need to ensure that it is easy for visitors to engage with you. This could be through signing up for your newsletter or calling our business. The call to action for this should be placed above the fold of your website. This means that they should not have to scroll down to find the call to action.

Paid Search Advertising Tips

If you are going to complete paid search advertising, you need to identify and follow the rules set out by the search engines. Each search engine will have slightly different terms that you need to follow. This means that what works on Google could be a problem on Bing.

Your advert will need to have a strong call to action in it. There is no point in having an advert that does not prompt the viewer to take the next step that you want. If you want them to call, you should make this easy by having a call button in the advert. If they see the advert on their phone, all they have to do is click the button and they will start to call your business.

You should not use any of your advert characters on your business name. This should be part of your URL and optimized correctly for your advert. The text of your advert should be focused purely on what you want to tell the viewer.

You should also ensure that you use proper punctuation in your advert and capitalize the first letter of the major words. However, you should never go crazy with capitals because this does make you look like spam. You should also avoid abbreviations that are not commonly known by your target audience.

Social Media Tips

When it comes to social media, you need to focus on the platform where your potential customers spend the most time. Only large companies will be able to have an active presence on all social media platforms. Attempting this will increase the work you need to do and result in some accounts appearing dormant.

If you are going to make use of any trending hashtags, you need to know their origin first. You do not want to use a hashtag incorrectly because this will cause issues for you. If you cannot determine the origin of the hashtag, it is better to avoid using it.

Digital Marketing Agency Belfast – Conclusion

There are a lot of tips that you can use to ensure your digital marketing is successful. Choosing the right marketing channels is important, but you need to understand the rules of all channels before you start. You also need to consider how your potential customer is going to perceive marketing.